welcome to my corner of the double u double u double u dot...

as of july 1st, 2024, this site is: "almost safely in a 1.0...??!?" and "back down to only mostly mobile compatible". it is a WIP and likely always will be to some extent.


site accessibility currently sucks ass!! it's a little baby webbed site and I am still very new to CSS and doing HTML on a full-site scale. I have numerous plans to implement things, but for now I'm more focused on the basics. As such, some pages (graphics collection especially) are very graphics heavy, and this site is NOT screenreader friendly. we'll get there...!

About the Site

This website was first created in October 2023, but didn't receive its first edit until may 31st, 2024, because I... procrastinated learning css that hard. teehee!!

I made this site partially out of general frustration with social media, partially out of a need for somewhere to better store my web graphics (and the desire to actually use them as such), and partially just bcuz i was bored + love the aesthetics of the old web.

So far it's also been a place for me to talk about and express my interests and thoughts! It's also somewhere for me to have some fun with code... I'd like to eventually host/share some projects on here some day as well.



  • Mostly been working on pages to go up lately~~ but edited the main page some today! Created an "about the site" section and moved the info from my personal about me into there, since it fit better
  • Changed the main site font yesterday; not sold on it lol but
  • Added a disclaimer to the main page abt accessibility stuff cuz. ya


  • And now those things have been moved + shifted!


  • Added links and graphics ~~
  • Some more set-up work in the SVSSS shrine. getting the frameworks down to move and shift some things about. yk how it be


  • The SVSSS shrine is, at long last, escapable (...added a button back to the main site.)


  • Added an about me page! finally!
  • Slight overhaul of my weblog page; added a proper index, and a new page for July entries.
  • Changed the site favicon. I think. ...idk. as of typing this its not showing up anywhere quite yet .
  • yea it's changed. now with animation! ...unless you're on safari, in which case it'll... just be the svsss shrine one, still. for whatever reason.
  • Speaking of which, some slight tweaks to the SVSSS shrine. mostly just wording tweaks + setting up to add some stuff


  • Added a fuck ton of graphicsss


  • uhhh i forget most of the changes i've been making. been working on small things still ive been super low energy (+ working on my aforementioned project) lately. adding some status etc things to this page until i get an about page made. trying to wrangle a less overstimulating header. yk how it is


  • Been making just a handful of pretty minor tweaks these past few days~~. just some minor formatting and graphics tweaks i believe but i havent been keeping track tbeh. been low on energy + busy tho so nothing big
  • Started creating the graphics + testing code for a major project i have in mind for the site though. i Want to say they aren't placeholder graphics but i'm not sure the aspect ratios are really going to work long term. still. exciting to start it at all. not sure if i'll see it all the way through rn, since my track record with long term projects is... bad, but,


  • Mostly just made small tweaks today.. started the layout for my sqh shrine page fr, tweaked + added some links, and added a blurb or 2 in some locations


  • Added my weblog page at lastttt .. its still a little infant baby but it exists!!! eggciting!!!
  • Added some new graphics I picked up. wahoo!


  • Added to links page some and did a bit of reformatting, and then decided to make it accessible. It's not really where i want it quite yet, but I'm hoping this will help motivate me to finish it up. gonna take a few days tho.
  • Changed header images for some of my graphics pages. realized i have a lot of formatting etc to clean up there still lol and im not entirely satisfied w my image choices but. having the gif header there was distracting as fuck. ill probs just make myself a custom banner eventually or smth


  • Added a guestbook yesterday so now That's cute and here
  • Ummm massively overhauled everything abt the site's navigation. a lot of it is still just placeholder stuff but i am still muuuuch more happy with it than the previous set up. the site is wayy nicer and more fun to browse now


  • Minor touch-ups on SQQ & LBH eshrine pages. VERYY barebones start on SQH's page cuz i am tiredddddd... might take tmrw off from eshrine edits and just do main site stuff tbh. been a bit and there's still much work to be done out here


  • Finished SQQ page formatting enough for now. Going to refine her overview summary once I have the brainpower to do so lol